Land’s End to Smuggler’s Den

So, here I go! I set off from Land’s End at 9.15 in heavy fog. Everything was closed, the signpost wasn’t even up so I stopped in Sennen (about a mile up the road) for a full english breakfast. Another cyclist passed me and couldn’t believe that I was going the whole stretch on my own and with my trailer.

Land's End
Land’s End

I jumped on the B3306 and followed it up and around the north coast to St Ives.

St Ives
St Ives

I sat and had a rest overlooking the town and saw a seagull swallow some big plastic thing WHOLE – he would’ve had a belly ache later.

St Ives
St Ives

I took a very steep one way road up and out of St Ives getting on the A3074 to Hayle and then the B3301 through Hayle and along the coast to Hell’s Mouth where I stopped for tea and fruit cake.

Hell's Mouth
Hell’s Mouth

Another super steep climb out of Towan Cross and took the B3285 to Perranporth, arriving at 7pm and I stopped for a jacket spud with chilli.

Cornish Coast
Cornish Coast

Yet another steep climb up and out of town and I headed along a country lane towards the Smuggler’s Den Inn, where I stopped short and wild camped in a farmer’s field.

Smuggler's Den camp
Smuggler’s Den camp

My hayfever has been playing up really badly and I only have over the counter antihistamine’s which aren’t touching it.

Smuggler’s Den beautiful wild camp

34.2 mph MAX 8.5 mph AVE 6 hours 11 minutes 23 seconds 52.61 miles

52.61 miles

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