Leintwardine to Hordley

It was a beautiful summer’s day and I was up and out at 10.30 and headed into Leintwardine to find some breakfast with no luck so headed out on the B4385 to Marlow through Twitchen, Purslow, Kempton and stopped at the 100 House Inn for a baguette. Continued on the B4385 to Brampton Road to Bishop’s Castle.

It was a real struggle today and I couldn’t find a cup of tea anywhere to pick me up. I called Topher from a phone box so thick with cobwebs that the handset sounded like velcro when I lifted it up; I had to keep the door open with my foot in case of an emergency exit, me no likey spiddlies!


There was nowhere for a cuppa in Bishop’s Castle so on I went to More, where I met a lady cyclist who took my address so she could send me a cheque. She had lost someone to cancer a year ago and was out on her bike to clear her head.

I continued to Norbury and rolled up and down to England Shelve and over to Bridges. My water bottle had emptied itself all over my t-shirt on the back of BoB but I was happy to lose the weight and drank the contents of the other bottle in preparation to head up and over the Stiperstones. It was a beautiful road through some BIG hills with a steep, steep 700′ climb up to the stones.


There was an amazing downhill all the way to Ploxgreen and along the A488 to Minsterley. I zoomed past Topher and he turned around and met me outside the pub in Stiperstone where we had a cream tea (at last). Topher took BoB and set off to fnd a B&B in Oswestry and I kept on cycling to do my 50 miles.

From Minsterley I took the B4387 to the B4386 and a right onto the B4386 to Westbury. Someone had been playing with the signposts and instead of following my map, I followed the signpost which cost me a good six miles (little tykes), I made a mental note to trust my map in the future!

I took the B4387 out of Westbury breezing along without the trailer (I couldn’t believe how easy it was to cycle without BoB) to Halfway House over the A458 along Pecknall lane to B4393 and started asking in B&B’s for any vacancies as Topher was having trouble finding somewhere.

Shropshire lanes
Shropshire lanes

It was easy riding along country lanes to Knockin and “The Knockin Shop” along the B4396 to Osbaston and back on rolling lanes to Woolston onto Felton Moor crossing the A5 to Grimpo. Easy, super fast riding from Rednal to Hordley.

Topher picked me up and we ended up having to go into Welshpool for a B&B. We grabbed take out and I had a lovely shower and a good night’s kip in a proper bed.

33.0 mph MAX 9.6 mph AVE 5 hours 43 minutes 57 seconds 54.80 miles

417.9 miles total

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