Leigh Tarbeg to Lochranza, Isle of Arran

There was heavy rain and cow’s calling their calves all night but I managed to dry everything off in the morning. I got up at 8.15, had breakfast and booked a hostel in Arran for two nights. I was on the road at 10.30 and straight back on route from Leigh Tarbeg to High Tarbeg through Corselet and Trabbochburn to Stair taking the B730 uphill to Tarbolten. I stopped for a coffee and a breather at Dundonald Castle (where the lady wouldn’t take any money from me) and then continued north to the Shewalton Road and through Irvine along the A737 until I managed to find the Ardrossan bike path. It was flat, bumpy, windswept and felt very isolated although it was in a built up area. 9 miles of car free track and road coming out and along the coast near Saltcoats to the ferry.

Androssen taken from ferry to Arran
Androssen taken from ferry to Arran

I was pegging it and made it to the 3.15 ferry by the skin of my teeth, they were waving me along at the boat! The crossing took 55 minutes and the sun came out. I ate lunch and enjoyed the view. Richie was waiting for me in Brodick and we agreed to meet in the hostel at Lochranza.

Isle of Arran
Isle of Arran

The ride was amazing, 15 miles firstly along the east coast of Arran and then up and over Glen Chalmadale and zooming down into Lochranza. Beautiful even with the lack of view due to low clouds.

Brodick Bay
Brodick Bay

I had a shower and sorted myself out and Richie made me supper. I did another load of washing and left it in the drier whilst we went to the Lochranza Hotel in search of a motorbike helmet so Richie could take me around the island tomorrow. We had a beautiful sky behind Lochranza Castle as the sun was setting over the Sound of Bute. Chris, a cyclist who works for the Environment Agency, joined us and we had a beer and a few whiskeys.

The locals were fun, singing and playing their guitars at the bar. We got back to the hostel after a very exhilarating walk into a strong wind and I folded and put away my dry washing in the pitch black as the light wasn’t working in the laundry room!

We stood under the trees and watched the storm come in – it pelted us in the face and we ran for cover and went to our beds.

34.4 mph MAX 9.6 mph AVE 4 hours 56 minutes 28 seconds 47.43 miles

781.20 miles total

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