Latheronwheel to John O’Groats

I had breakfast at 7 and was on the road at 8.30.  I called Becca when my phone got a signal and she told me that she couldn’t book BoB on the train.

Latheronwheel B&B
Latheronwheel B&B

The wind wasn’t as high today and I took the A9 all the way to Wick, a heavy rain shower passed and the sea was even bluer than yesterday.  Richie passed me as I was leaving Wick and said he would see me at the other end.


Not long after getting on the A99 six cyclists passed me and they said they would be able to take my bike and trailer back to Shrewsbury with them in their support vehicle.

I stopped at the top of the hill to take in a great view of Stroma with the blue, blue sea surrounding it.  I also wanted the cyclists to be clear after doing all these miles on my own I didn’t want to cross the line with anyone else!

Warth Hill
Warth Hill

I whizzed into John O’Groats and there was a huge cheer when I got there by the cyclists and their wives.  It surprised me and so I had a little cry!

Richie was at the finish line waiting with a bottle of Sheep Shagger and camera in hand.  To end it off nicely a kind gentleman who had lost his wife to cancer 6 months previous gave me a cheque for £200.

Georgie @ JOG
Georgie @ JOG

I chucked the bike and trailer in the other cyclist’s support vehicle and waved goodbye to it and some of the other cyclist’s gave me a lift back into Wick where I met up with Richie and he booked a B&B for the night.

I had a shower and sorted myself out whilst Richie went to do his laundry then we went out for something to eat and had a wonder around the harbour, through the quarry and out onto the slabs of slate jutting out to the sea.

Wick Harbour
Wick Harbour

29.4 mph MAX 10.4 mph AVE 3 hours 30 minutes 24 seconds 36.65 miles

1097.0 miles total

I caught the 6.22 train to Inverness, Edinburgh on to Bristol.

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