The Spiritual Sprout
Based on true events
by Carrie Breeze

Man. Life is good!
I’m getting closer to my destiny every day now. I just know it.
For as long as I can remember I’ve been training for this moment. It’s so close now all my senses are alive.
Even when I was growing up I could feel the strength of the seed, even though there was no notion of where I was heading.
The seed turned into a strong shoot and I started to wake up to a deep knowing of what I needed to do.
I started to look after myself really well. Keeping hydrated, taking a nutrient rich diet and spending all my time in the great outdoors.
This made me grow ever stronger and with it came the sense of knowing why I’m here.
Oh, and how I love the seasons. The sun! The rain! To be one with Mother Nature as I ground myself in her soil.
Winter is upon me now and I can hardly contain my excitement any longer. I know the moment is upon me. This is it!
What’s it all about. Heave myself out of bed. That was a waste of time. Hmph. Shove some cardboard cereal down my throat. Coffee doesn’t do it for me anymore. Wet cold 3 minute walk to the bus stop. Can’t even be bothered to listen to my iPod. No one will notice they are all just a bunch of zombie robots anyway. What a trudge 30 minutes on this rickety germ infested steamed up bus to go and spend a day being bored out of my tiny brain. How did this happen.
Today I travelled from Brussels to Seattle, an uncontrollable urge to take flight; I had no choice over the destination I simply had to go.
I arrived at Pike Place Market, a must see for all visitors to Seattle.
Oh! The colours. The smells. The sights. The sounds. I’m bursting with life, energy and excitement.
I’m living the dream!
Will this day week year ever end. Boring. Tedious. Monotonous. Tiresome. Mundane. Dull. Humdrum. I only do this job as I don’t know what else to do with my miserable existence. And to top it all Christmas. It’s all everyone talks about. Trying to outdo each other with their stupid little table decorations. And if I hear one more thing about a personalised cracker idea for Uncle Ted I am going to go over there on the day and ram Uncle Ted’s cracker right up his…
I love this market!
I’ve found me an awesome spot to hang out and can see all the comings and goings around me.
The hustle!
The bustle!
Trudging. Again. Smelly overcrowded overstocked market. Hmph. What’s that commotion going on over there. Well I am not rubber necking like the rest of these money driven oooh its Christmas and I must spend all the money that I don’t have on stupid expensive produce and flashy table napkins so I can tell everyone how fabulous I am idiots. Not me. I am not part of the crowd. I’ll go round the other way and with a bit of luck it will all be cleared up and over by the time I get to the veg stall. Hmph.
Hey! What was that? It feels like, like, the root of my being has been severed from whence it has always been.
Woah! Argh! I’m falling! I’ve been separated from my stalk, my roots. What’s going on?
Phew! It’s okay, I’ve been training and am well on-form to take on anything that comes my way!
I love new experiences! I learn from them! I soak them up and allow them to make me grow.
In fact, the market roof looks pretty cool from down here!
Humans. All the same. All that commotion. I can’t see anything going on here at all and it was only 10 minutes ago there was a huge fuss. Attention seeking make a mountain out of a molehill low lifes.
Uh oh. What’s that shadow coming towards me? It’s like a big… a big shoe.
What’s it all about?
Woah. I am sliding. Perfect, my day is getting better and better. Hmph.
Oh I’m on the floor. I must’ve banged my head. Look at that, I slid all the way down the aisle on just one sprout. Ha! Ha! Hey, the roof looks pretty cool from down here! It’s okay, I’m up. All is well! No harm done! What a ride! Oooh, I love Christmas! Now, what shall I have for tea? I am starving! Man. Life is good!


The Spiritual Sprout was published in the To Hull & Back Anthology 2014 which is available to buy here.


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